PAUL ROS pianist componist pedagoog publicist
“ … l'éminent pianiste hollandais … ”


1931 - 1955 

Een selectie uit de kranten van 1931 tot 1955.
1889 - 1955
Datum concert: 3 december, 1935
Datum concert: 17 mei, 1943
 ARTISTIC LIFE - AT DELACROIX   (vrije vertaling naar het Engels, webmaster) The   "friends   of   d’Eugene   Delacroix",   who   have   to   ensure, as   is   known,   the   conversation   of   his   apartment   and   his studio,   rue   de   Furstenberg,   become   a   moving   museum, these   friends   put   all   their   zeal,   under   [a]   the   presidency   of M.   Maurice   Denis,   to   honor   the   memory   of   the   mister,   in this   house   where   he   lived   his   last   years,   and   died   in   the arms   of   Jenny,   his   devoted   servant.   Witness   your   meeting to    which    they    had    invited,    Saturday,    his    admirers    and none   of   those   who   took   part   in   it   can   not   forget,   so   much was it worthy of the feelings that had aroused it. A   lecture   by   Mr.   André   Joubin.   then   an   audition   of   works by   Frédéric   Chopin,   played   on   the   piano   by   Mr.   Paul   Roës nothing     more,     but     what     quality!     No     one     speaks     of Delacroix   with   a   more   tender,   more   persuasive   veneration than   does   M.   Joubin,   who   has   nothing   to   do   with   the   life   of his   hero,   and   he   has   reserved   for   us   the   scoop   of   his   latest discovery,   which   is   nothing   less   than   the   inventory   made rue   de   Furstenberg   after   the   death   of   Delacroix   notarial document    of    the    keenest    interest,    since    it    instructs    us exactly,    among    other    things,    and    its    annuities    and    the least   objects   that   have   contributed   to   form   the   familiar framework   of   his   existence   ...   Before   talking   more,   let   Mr. Joubin   publish   it   but,   listening   to   the   speaker,   really,   we could evoke the intimacy of Delacroix. And   when   afterwards   we   heard   M.   Paul   Roes,   it   was   as   if Chopin    himself,    who    had    such    a    good    share    in    this intimacy,   had   come   back   to   play   for   his   friend.   For   Mr. Paul   Roës   is   undoubtedly   the   man   who   knows   best   how Chopin interpreted his own works and it was a delight. - E
L’Art musical - 13 december, 1935
Vrije vertaling naar het Engels: Dance   Saturdays -   Mr.   Paul   Roes.   Mr.   T.   Komori   of   Japan   felt   on   the   "Saturday   of   the   Dance"   of   the   November 30th. He   has   a   real   talent   of   artist   and   mime:   His   dances   translate   all   the   feelings,   either   by   the   expressions   on   his face,   either   by   his   gestures. The   two   female   partners   Mr   Komori,   Mrs   Souzouka   and   Mrs   N.   Dreessen,   seduce   by their   attitudes   graceful,   their   frozen   smiles,   their   cos-bright   tumes   that   characterize   so   wellthe   mystery   and   poetry of   women   Japanese.   These   dances   with   a   refined   characteror   popular   legendsof   warrior   rites,   or   compositions purely   mythological   or   religious.   The   pianist   Mr.   Roes   performed,   the   December   3,   a   selective   programtioned, including   various   works   by   Liszt   and   Chopin. In   Mephisto   Waltz   of   the   first,   Mr.   Roes   endeavored   to   paint   in   full colors   the   pictures   que   of   this   work,   to   bring   out   its   life   thrilling   and   burst   all   the   wealth,e   xuberance. Interpreting the   12   Pre-Chopin's   studies   which   he   had   divided   Mr.   Roes   made   a   remark-quer   by   the   astonishing   lightness   of   his game,   his   delicate   lyricism,   as   well   by   observing   the   right   measure,   romantic   and   poetic   side   of   the   Nocturne   to which he gave his care that the character the heroic woman of the Polish who followed. Elisabeth de Mondesir.
Datum concert: 9 december, 1935
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